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Stargazing Nature Hike

The theme of this hike will be the Stars and Planets that can be seen in the night sky. As the sun begins to set, you see the first star... Then another... Then another... Soon the whole sky is full of them! From faint, barely visible, insignificant specs in the darkness to prominent objects that have helped people navigate for centuries. One can't just bask in the glory of the starlit sky of Spetses. To make it more interesting, most of the constellations also have some hidden meaning to them which we will uncover.

Hike Background Information

  • This hike has a duration of 1-2 hours

  • Approximately 3km

  • Rated Easy (1/5) Difficulty

  • Rest stop at the top

  • Bottled water and Snack included

  • Decent footwear recommended (not flipflops)

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