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Mountain Bike Models

Here you can review the mountain bikes that are available for rental.

Skye S.jpg

Trek Skye S

This female frame is the most popular choice for a cyclist who wants the easiest bike to ride on Spetses. The fatter tires are also appropriate for off road cycling. A variety of sizes are available upon request.


Trek Marlin

I offer various versions of the Trek Marlin with slight variations to each of them. This Hard-Tailed bike is appropriate for use around the island but is recommended if you are anticipating riding on a lot of dirt roads due to its superior brakes, suspension, wheel size and frame shape.

Skye SL.png

Trek Skye SL

A unisex frame with a wider gear range for a more precise ride. Much like the Skye S easy to use around the island and more capable of handling off road terrain due to its ergonomic shape.


Trek 4700

The staple male mountain bike. Simple, comfortable, easy to ride around the island and in the town.

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