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Magus Nature Hike

The theme of this hike will be the Fictional Novel "The Magus" written by John Fowles. The author worked as an english professor on Spetses for two years. In his time here, he experienced a very raw and antiquated Spetses which was still "unspoiled by tourism" as he expressed. During his frequent hikes on the mountain he enjoyed the untouched and earily quiet nature which gave him the inspiration for his most famous publication. Let us walk the hike that he describes in the book while we explore the mystery of the island.

Hike Background Information

  • This hike has a duration of 2.5-3.5 hours

  • Approximately 8km

  • Rated Easy-Medium (3/5) Difficulty

  • Multiple rest stops along the way

  • Bottled water and Snack included

  • Decent footwear recommended (not flipflops)

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